Partnership Service

This is ideal for ongoing support for your school improvement, providing an external validation of school judgements and broadening the evidence base for Ofsted Inspections. Depending on your requirements, your partner will visit you a number of times over the year, typically between three to five visits, with each visit focusing on a different aspect. The focus and detail for each visit will be agreed with you beforehand, to ensure that it meets your self evaluation and school improvement needs. Your PfSI Partner will produce written reports/note of visits following each visit, which are shared with your Chair of Governors. Our visits usually follow the Ofsted Framework and the documentation can help to contribute towards your self-evaluation summary.

A typical partnership service year might look like this:

Visit 1 – Autumn term – Headteacher appraisal/performance management review

Visit 2 – Autumn term – Review of outcomes for children and learners

Visit 3 – Spring term – The quality of education

Visit 4 – Spring term – Personal development, behaviour and attitudes

Visit 5 – Summer term – Effectiveness of leadership and management

However, this is only a guide to the types of visits available. Look at our ‘bespoke services’ page to see what other visits could be included as part of your Partnership Service. Your PfSI Partner will discuss your individual needs with you, to ensure the Partnership Service you receive is personalised to your self-evaluation and school improvement priorities.

You’ll be able to contact your partner by email or phone throughout the year, as well as having access to materials and advice through our website. Where possible, we’ll also provide Ofsted response services.

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