Following 10 years in Headship, one a very small school and one which grew from 80 to over 300 pupils, Pauline worked for the Local Authority as Education Officer and Link Inspector with a wide range of mainly Primary schools. Leading the team of LA Inspectors, she increased the focus on school improvement and self-evaluation processes.

Pauline has experience as a tutor for NSCL and as an Ofsted Inspector, working more recently as a Senior Adviser in the Primary National Strategy and as a School Improvement Partner for 16 schools.

“At the heart of everything Pauline does is a drive to challenge and support us to assess our performance, plan for the future and identify the support needed to raise levels of attainment for all pupils. Her unique perspectives have enabled the school to identify key priorities for improvement which has ensured the school has moved from satisfactory to good with outstanding features in our last Ofsted.” – Cambridgeshire Headteacher


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